Two horror movies that are on the horizon, the prequel to John Carpenter’s classic Sci-Fi Horror The Thing (strangely also titled The Thing) and the third movie in the Spanish found-footage horror franchise [Rec] 3: Genesis, have both had two new trailer unleashed online this week which I have embedded below for your enjoyment! First up; The Thing:

First things first. TOO MUCH CGI. If you’ve seen the original Thing, and am a fan like me, you’ll know that a lot of what made it good and effectively creepy was the use of practical make up and animatronic effects on the many forms of the alien creature. This movie seems to have missed that point somewhat. What can I say that’s positive? The atmosphere looks to be fairly similar, it looks like its respecting its roots, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is hot. Hopefully, this will prove to be a worthy remake, and not too much of a cash in on the name brand. Which the unchanged title seems to unfortunately adhere to. Time shall tell.

Now more zombie (or, SPOILER, demon action as the last [Rec] movie seemed to suggest) with [Rec] 3: Genesis. 

Now, I was a bit disappointed with the direction that [Rec] 2 took, but this one looks like it’s getting back into more general zombie mayhem, and the twist on the wedding looks to be a nice touch. The sequel will apparently act as a prequel as well, with little details known about the story, although there have been rumours that the movie will be a mix of traditional filmmaking and found-footage style. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work, but we’ll see come March next year!