You may recall a fair few months back that I posted the trailer for my friend, Jack De La Mare’s, latest movie Six. Well, now it has been officially released, and it’s better than I ever could have pictured it. I was once again involved with the production of this movie, although not as heavily as I was for Isolated or the upcoming Zombey, as I basically served as producer, organising locations and supervising casting etc. I unfortunately couldn’t be there for both the filming and the premiere of the movie due to living in Alderney, but it allows me to appreciate the film more for what it is as an audience viewer rather than one of the creators. And it certainly is Jack’s best, most assured and confident work yet. It has this really unsettling atmosphere to it, from the visceral surroundings of the underground hospital, to the cold and clinical interiors of Holstein’s office. And the music by Rob Scales is chilling, evoking a similar style to Jerry Goldsmith’s  score for Alien and Ennio Morricone’s for The Thing. It’s an intense 27 minutes that really shows much more of Jack’s talent. On evidence of this, he’s going to have a great future, as will everyone involved in terms of the acting, the sound and the visual effects. All the best for the future guys, I going to miss working with all of you. Then again, you never know where the future may take us! Check out the movie below, enjoy!