Some of you may not be too thrilled by the prospect of another Ghost Rider movie, considering the lukewarm first installment. I personally thought it was alright, but it was definitely lacking. It was lukewarm rather than a red-hot, completely insane movie, like the character is in the comic books. But thankfully, the men behind the Crank movies (Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine), have made the character just that. Fiery. Mean. And batshit crazy. Nicholas Cage returns to the role of Johnny Blaze, who has to deal with new types of evil, along with a group of monks. Check it out below:

The action looks brilliant, exactly what you’d expect from the guys who made the Crank movies. The design of the Rider is a lot more visceral, dark and edgy. It’s a great move for the character, and the new movie certainly looks promising, and I’m glad they’ve given Cage another chance at the role, as he can really go crazy when given the right material. And Cage is at his best when he’s crazy.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance hits screens on February 22nd 2012.