All eyes are going to be on this film next year, for the sole reason being, everyone will want to know how Daniel Radcliffe is going to do now that Harry Potter is over and done with. And on evidence of this trailer, he certainly looks to have struck Gothic gold.

The movie follows Radcliffe as a young lawyer by the name of Arthur Kipps, who has to travel to a remote village to deal with a deceased clients possessions. Whilst alone in his old clients house, he soon begins to uncover dark and mysterious secrets within the household in the form of a ghostly woman in black. With the locals remaining silent, it is left to Kipps to uncover the truth behind the identity of this figure, leading to a horrifying truth. Check out the trailer below:

It looks to be a brilliantly old-fashioned gothic ghost story. The atmosphere is tense, and the film looks to pack quite a few scares. It’s hard to say anything about Radcliffe’s performance from this trailer, especially considering he doesn’t say anything, but it looks to be quite a mature performance, which is a sensible move from Potter.

The movie, scripted by Jane Goldman (Kick Ass) and directed by James Watkins (who did the creepy murdering-chavs thriller Eden Lake), hits cinemas next year on February 3rd.