Now it may sound like a rather bad taste risky move to make a comedy about dealing with cancer, but that has stopped Joseph Gordon-Levitt and co from going on ahead. And it looks like they’re on to quite a touching yet very funny comedy, which looks like it’s going to show that just because you have a life-threatning disease, doesn’t mean you should stop living. Gordon-Levitt plays the young man who is diagnosed with cancer and deals with it the best way he can, by seeing the funny side. With his best friend, played by Seth Rogen in tow, he goes out to make the most of his situation whilst dealing with the troubles that the disease presents. See for yourself below:

I quite like the look of it, as it certainly looks to be in good taste. Gordon-Levitt looks on form and he and Rogen seem to have a very natural camaraderie going on and Anna Kendrick looks to be very sweet in the role of JGL’s young psychiatrist.

The inspired by real events movie is set for a September 30th release and also includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Philip Baker Hall and Anjelica Housten in its cast.