The trailer for the directional debut of Ralph Fiennes, Coriolanus, has been released in all its explosive glory today on the old interweb. The film, based on a play by the one and only William Shakespeare, updates the action from Ancient Rome to a rather more modernised fictional republic. Fiennes plays General Coriolanus, who is forced to join the senate by his controlling mother (Vanessa Redgrave). But soon enough he is betrayed by fellow politicians and is banished from the city. There, he reluctantly teams up with his old enemy Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler), to regain the power wrongly taken from him. Check out the awesome first look below:

It looks to be a very exciting and visceral action thriller, showing a bit more of a kick ass side to the old Bard. It’s also a very brave directional debut for Fiennes, but he looks to have done a fine job with the crew from The Hurt Locker helping to bring his vision to the screen.

The movie, which also stars Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain and James Nesbitt hits UK theatres at the end of the year.