Holy lack-of-hiding-identity Batman! The first picture of Anne Hathaway in, supposedly, her Catwoman costume is slightly a perplexing one. For one it doesn’t really look like a costume, and why the hell would she be driving the Batpod? Check it out below:

She certainly don’t look like no cat! I’m a bit puzzled to be honest with you. If she’s going to keep her identity of Selina Kyle secret, then she it looks like she’s not going to do a great job of it. Unless this isn’t the full costume, perhaps that’s being kept hidden. But I think it looks fairly bland, even if it is just grounding her in reality, but Batman still looks like a Bat, so that excuse goes out the window. Time will tell I guess, but I’m not overly impressed. And what the hell are those goggles about? Still, it’s Anne Hathaway in leather, so it’s not all bad. Keeping us guessing once again Nolan!

The Dark Knight Rises is set for release on July 20th 2012.