The last installment in the Harry Potter franchise, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, opened a few weeks ago to rave reviews and the biggest opening in cinema history. It has gone on to become the first Potter movie to pass the $1 billion mark, pushing the franchises’ box office takings to over $7 billion, making it the most successful franchise of all time. Now it seems Warner Bros. is wishing to capitalise on this success in the form of Awards.

It has been revealed that Warner Bros. are preparing a huge Academy Award campaign in the hopes of garnering a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars come next year, Variety reports. Warners seem to be trying to achieve the same success of The Lord of the Rings, as that franchise was awarded 11 Oscars come its last installment.

The franchise has never been nominated in that category before, but I think it could be highly possible for the film to gain the Best Picture nomination. It currently stands on a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which makes it one of the best reviewed movies of the year so far. And those box office figures are hard to ignore. Also, with the Best Picture category now taking 10 nominees, there could be plenty of room for Potter and co. I am yet to see the film, as Alderney doesn’t get it till the end of August, so I can’t comment on whether I believe the film to be good enough to achieve Oscar success. But anything’s possible, and if they don’t achieve success, expect Voldermort to react like this.