The first trailer for the upcoming movie interpretation of the classic board game, Battleship, has been released online today. And, for one thing, it certainly isn’t subtle. In order to make the board game more movie accessible, the writers and those guys at Universal thought it logical to make it about Naval ships fighting alien spacecrafts. Not a movie about two rival Naval forces no, that’s just what they’d expect. So instead we have Taylor Kitsch as a reckless rookie seeking the approval of his girlfriend’s tough Navy Commander father (Liam Neeson, adding some form of gravitas). This then gives way to them taking on Alien forces. All pretty much given away in the trailer below:

It looks wholly unoriginal, with the spaceships being ripped off from last years Skyline. You would’ve thought a $200 million movie would have enough creative force behind it to design an imaginative and original spacecraft. The 2-Dimensional characters could be forgivable if it’s fun, but the fact it looks quite stale in both the story and the action front, I’m not holding out hope. And hasn’t Michael Bay kinda done this already? I just hope someone says ‘you sunk my battleship’. That’ll give it some points.

Peter Berg (Hancock) directs the Kitsch led cast, along with Neeson, Josh Pence, Alexander Skarsgaard… and Rihanna. This is going to be shit isn’t it?