This weekend it was once again the time of year for the San Diego Comic-Con, a convention that I am determined to go to in the near future. This year, many big films were being presented, and many landmarks took place. This was the first Comic-Con that Steven Spielberg attended, as well as celebrating 35 years of Star Wars at the Con.

However, it was the presence of Mr. Spielberg that presented the Con with its first big piece of news. Whilst on the panel for his upcoming movie, The Adventures of Tintin, Spielberg provided an update on the current state of Jurassic Park 4. And it’s certainly promising. “We have a story, I can happily announce,” Spielberg said to the cheering crowds in Hall H. “We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make Jurassic Park IV in all of your foreseeable futures- all of our foreseeable futures- hopefully, in the next two or three years.” We can assume this writer is Mark Protosevich, who it was said had been meeting with Spielberg to discuss ideas a few weeks ago. This is the best news the franchise has had for awhile, and it seems a fourth installment will definitely become a reality very soon. Just hurry the hell up.

The biggest film that had the most buzz surrounding it this year at the Con was undeniably the upcoming reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. Along with the recently released trailer, director Marc Webb and the Andrew Garfield led cast revealed some early footage. Once Garfield opened the panel by emerging from the crowd in a Spider-Man costume, giving a heartfelt speech about what Spider-Man means to him, Webb unveiled early footage of the film’s villain, Rhys Ifan’s The Lizard, in all its beastly glory. Those that saw it said the effects were fairly ropey, but giving the film’s a year away from release, that’s to be expected. But there were also murmurs about the design of the creature, some saying it was rather devoid of personality. This may change in the further development of the effects, but it may not have been a great idea to show the Lizard this early if it threatened to result in negative buzz. However, the crux of the footage shown seemed to be received in a more positive light, with a clip of Spidey’s first attempt of fighting crime supposedly suggesting this film will be much darker in tone to Raimi’s efforts.

The Avengers was one big comic-book that didn’t have a panel this year, due to the crew being hard at work making the movie, but there were some rather cool character posters, showing how the main characters will look in the ultimate team up movie, featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Agents of Shield, and (the most interesting) The Hulk.










Forgive the positioning of the images, best I could do really. But anyway, The Hulk looks rather interesting, more in key with the comics, yet fairly out of touch with the other two Hulk movies. These won’t be exactly as they look in the final movie, but it seems they can’t really decide on how to make The Hulk look. Either way, this is an exciting first glimpse at The Avengers team!

Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet Con this year, with other panels featuring a few bits of footage that we’re not going to be able to see for a while. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, managed to generate a good deal of positive buzz with its reel of apparently bonkers footage, along with the upcoming Total Recall remake, which is still half way through its shoot (in Canada, nice place).

I’ll leave you with two videos that came out from the Con, one for the upcoming Indie Fantasy Comedy, Knights of Badassdom, which was the surprise hit of the Con, and the trailer for the Star Wars Blu-Ray collection, featuring segments from the never-before-seen deleted scenes that are included in the package. Enjoy! And Huzzaaah!