Hello my loyal readers, how little of you there may be. I apologise for my lack of blogging these past 10 days or so, but I’ve been busy travelling in the Greater Toronto Area as part of a Music Centre trip. It was pretty awesome to say the least, for many reasons; the friends, the laughs, the falls (of the Niagara variety), resulting in an experience which has left me enlightened… and turned me into convert die-hard Blue Jays fan. Because I bought a cap. And a foam finger. So, what’s new with you? Oh right, film trailers, this post does have a point.

Over the time I’ve been away, annoyingly, some rather good film trailers were released.The first of which was for the upcoming sequel to Guy Ritches’ Sherlock Holmes, entitled A Game of Shadows, which once again features Robert Downey Jnr’s eccentric detective hunting down the mysterious Moriarty, with the help of his trust-worthy friend Watson (Jude Law). Check out the sleuthing below:

Well, from the looks of it, there isn’t a lot of sleuthing going on, more crash, bang, wallop. Ritchie is very much keeping to the gritty (as a 12A can be) stylings of the first installment, having Holmes as a much more hands on man in the action that what many people have come to expect of the character. The action certainly looks slick enough and the story seems to be much broader in its scope and texture. And the first one was a hell of a lot of fun, so all’s looking good for Holmes’ return come Christmas time!

Next up we have director Steven Soderbergh’s (Ocean’s 11 etc) mysterious thriller Contagion, featuring an all star cast, about an airborne virus which rapidly begins to grow, killing it’s victims within a matter of days, beginning with the wife of Matt Damon! As old Matty boy goes out to find the source of the virus, society begins to collapse in on itself as the pandemic becomes too much to handle. Join Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lawrence Fishburne, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet in the action below!

It looks pretty tense, and I certainly don’t recommend that any hypochondriac go and watch it. It looks like it may be taking itself a bit too seriously at times as well, ‘the birds are doing it for us’ being a prime example. Yet it also looks like it offers an interesting insight into how the human race would deal with a scarily real prospect of what would we do in this kind of situation. This one hits our cinemas in September!

Following that, we have our first glimpse at the upcoming reboot of everybody’s friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler in The Amazing Spider-Man. The Marc Webb- (hehe) directed movie is gaining a certain degree of hype at this years currently on-going San Diego Comic-Con, mostly because many fans alike are going to be curious as to whether Webb, Sony and his team can truly justify why this particular super-hero needed rebooting. And from the looks of it, we have a very different Spidey on our hands:

The start of the trailer is brilliantly, showing a much moodier and estranged Peter Parker in the form of Andrew Garfield, compared to Tobey Maguire’s puppy-dog Parker in Sam Raimi’s seemingly much lighter movies. We’ve got Parker with real issues her growing right from childhood. Then things take a bit of a turn with the rooftop running sequence. It looks like a video-game, and I don’t think it’s quite ready. Hell, it may not even be in the movie, although it’s a nice idea I think it just needs refining. Otherwise though, it looks like it’s shaping up to be its own beast entirely, I have faith!

Holy Early Footage Batman! The Dark Knight itself only had a teaser which showed a logo and had some dialogue. Here, we actually have some footage, recycled from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to start with, featuring a Liam Neeson voiceover (which could suggest his returnEXCLEMATIONMARKQUESTIONMARKEXCLEMATION MARK), but then we see Gary Oldman not looking too well in a hospital talking with supposedly Bruce. Does this mean he’ll discover the Batman’s identity? Then we get a glimpse of Tom Hardy’s Bane going toe-to-toe with Bats. For an early preview it’s certainly exciting, but does look fairly rushed, particularly those title cards. But the image of the logo through crumbling Gotham skyscrapers is very inventive and ominous. We still have a year to wait for this one, so there’s plenty of time for much more promotional material! Bring it on Nolan! Check this one out below:

And now to round off this trailer round-up with the surprise appearance of the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer. This seemed to literally come out of the blue yesterday, as the film has supposedly barely in production for a month. The third installment is once again acting more as a prequel as we see more of Katie’s and Kristi’s childhood back in the 1980’s, where they were first disturbed by something of the paranormal variety. Check it out:

It definitely has an unsettling tone and seems to promise a lot from what we may discover about the truth and origins of the demons that have tormented Katie and Kristi, a torment which continues into their adult lives, resulting in their demise. Bummer. I was worried about this installment, thinking that they were really going to rush it in order to make the release date in October (apparently there’s some form of holiday associated around scary stuff round then). But with the directors of Catfish behind it and the look of this trailer, my hopes are once again high.

That’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by, blogging should become more frequent now that I’m back from my travels and heading home to Alderney for the summer (distinct lack of jet-lag from a trislander I can tell you that). Until then!