Most of this news has been rumoured for quite sometime already, but it seems that it is now official. Javier Bardem seems to be locked in now for the next villain role for Daniel Craig’s James Bond in the upcoming Sam Mendes’ directed installment, set to begin production in November.”I’d be playing Bond’s nemesis,” Bardem previously confirmed. “But it’s not that obvious. Everything is more nuanced. It’s very intriguing. They’re changing the whole thing, the whole dynamic.

But it’s the other pieces of casting news that are the most intriguing to the development of the next adventure for 007. It had long been rumoured that Naomi Harris, of 28 Days Later fame, was up for the role of the next Bond girl. But now it appears that Harris is in final negotiations to play the latest incarnation of M’s secretary Miss Moneypenny. I think it’s an interesting and actually quite fitting choice for the next Moneypenny and Harris is more than a capable actress for the coveted role to engage in a flirting battle with Craig’s Bond, if they do indeed stick to the nature of the original Bond and Moneypenny relationship.

It would also seem that Ralph Fiennes will be in the cast as a yet unconfirmed role. Perhaps a new Blofeld maybe? I’m sure we’ll learn soon enough before the movie kicks off at the end of the year, for an October 2012 release.