With most of the effects finished, today we have a trailer for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger that has plenty more action, yet also displaying how much fun the movie looks to be. The tone is very established in this trailer, a fun old-fashioned yarn which doesn’t take itself too seriously at all. Which is always a good thing from a comic-book movie. Check out the trailer below my friends:

There’s a stronger sense of a story here, following Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) from a scrawny kid to becoming a muscle-bound super soldier, therefore having to lead troops against the Nazi’s Hydra division, who are developing technology that could destroy the world and are led by the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). We also get a lot more of the playful relationship that Cap has with Haylet Atwell’s Peggy Carter. And I just had to laugh at the tagline for its pure Americano spirit, ‘Heroes Are Made In America’. Might as well have had the Star-Spangled banner playing over the trailer. That aside, it’s an exciting trailer does has only heightened my anticipation for this movie when it’s released on July 22nd.