Now it may look like a fairly generic action movie, but it also looks like a very well done generic action movie. And it’s Jason Statham v.s. Clive Owen. That makes it pretty bad-ass. It also has Robert De Niro to boot.

The story, loosely based on a true story. follows Statham as a retired SAS operative who is called back into action when his mentor (Robert De Niro) is kidnapped by an elite group of assassins led by the moustache twirling Clive Owen (seriously what is up with his moustache). See for yourself below:

Explosions. Check. Hot Girl. Check. Car Chases. Check. Gun fights. Check. Blokes kicking the shit out of each other. Check. It’s all there, this is definitely an 80’s throwback action movie, you don’t get a lot of these sort of action movies any more. Certainly looks like a good action movie that you need from time to time.

Killer Elite is released on September 23rd.