HOLY POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT BATMAN! Right, now I’ve got that out-of-the-way, there appears to be a rumour circulating that there is a surprise addition to the cast for Christopher Nolan’s Bat-threequel, that is already well underway in production. That addition is… Liam Neeson, who of course, played villain Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins. HitFlix apparently caught sight of the actor on the London set of the movie.

Now we already know that Josh Social Network Pence is on board playing a young Ra’s in flashbacks, Neeson could very well be involved in these flashbacks as well. Or, could they be bringing in The Lazarus Pits, which featured in the comic-books and brought Ra’s back to life? Personally, I think that the Pits would very much break the realistic tone of Nolan’s movies, although there were some set photos a while back which looked like they could have very well been the pits.

Who knows what this could mean, but I’ll keep you posted. And we can always find out by watching the movie when it hits cinemas in July next year.