Quentin Tarantino’s next project, a Western-Revenge flick entitled Django Unchained, is still in the casting process, but that hasn’t stopped QT and the Weinstein Company from establishing a release date for the upcoming movie. That date is 25th December 2012. Tis the season. So that still gives them plenty of time to get the film together.

Whilst I’m here I’ll give you an update on the casting. Will Smith was originally the front-runner for the lead in the Spaghetti Western style story which follows a freed slave by the name of Django, who teams up with a German Bounty Hunter to save his wife from a plantation run by the villainous Calvin Candie. However, it seems Smith will not be available for the role and now Jamie Foxx is the name being thrown around at the moment.

Christoph Waltz, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Hans Landa in Tarantino’s last movie Inglorious Basterds, is expected to play the Bounty Hunter, with Leonardo DiCaprio in final talks to play the villain, which would be awesome! Samuel L. Jackson is also rumoured for an, as yet, unconfirmed role.

The prospect of Tarantino doing a Spaghetti Western is brilliant, and DiCaprio playing a villain could be very interesting. Stay tuned for more Django news!