A few weeks ago I showed you the first teaser trailer for the upcoming prequel, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It had a pretty ominous atmosphere and show cased some of the early motion capture effects from the Weta Digital Company, who worked on the likes of Avatar and, ironically, King Kong. Today, we have a new full length trailer, showing some revolution of the ape variety. Check it out below:

It is very much more of the same thing, and I still think the effects need a bit of work, but they are still quite impressive, managing to craft a performance from Andy Serkis in the form of the lead ape Caesar. These trailers do seem to be giving a bit too much away from the final act, but then again, you can kinda guess what was going to happen in it anyway. I think most of the tension is going to come from the build up in this movie so we shall have to see the results when the movie opens on August 5th.

Rupert Wyatt directs a cast which includes James Franco, Brian Cox, Frieda Pinto, John Lithgow and Tom Felton.