Now here’s a bit of clever marketing from Disney. At the start of this trailer for the movie comeback of Jim Henson’s classic creations, you would think it was a trailer for a horribly clichéd rom-com starring Jason Segal and Amy Adams. But then the Muppets suddenly appear. Very meta. But yes, this is the trailer for the new movie featuring Kermit the Frog and the gang back after over 10 years since their last big screen appearance. Check out the trailer below:

It certainly makes me happy to see that The Muppets are returning to the screen, with the likes of Segal and Adams supporting them, as well as Segal being on writing duties. The trailer doesn’t show a great deal, it’s just a very inventive way of re-introducing the characters (Green With Envy even has its own Facebook page) before their return on February 17th in the UK next year. And I’m sure we’ll see plenty more promotional material before then!