Holy Viral Marketing Batman! It looks like Christopher Nolan is wasting no time in getting the buzz rising for his upcoming sequel The Dark Knight Rises. And he’s being as cryptic as ever. The picture (which you can view below) of Bane reveals the basic look of Tom Hardy as the Bats new adversary, muscle-bound and wearing a creepy mask. It certainly is a much darker incarnation of the character then we have seen already in the likes of the unintentionally hilarious disaster that was Batman and Robin.  

But, the website also launched today. This is where things get interesting. The website has nothing on it exact for a strange sound clip. Bat-fans of the internet have already figured out that the chanting in the sound clip is saying ‘the fire rises’. Hmmm. Intriguing stuff. Maybe this means the movie will reveal why there was blue flame behind the Batman logo in The Dark Knight. Perhaps it wasn’t just because it looked cool. Now whilst I and many other fans across the world mull over why said fire is rising along with the Dark Knight, I’ll leave you with the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.