Although there is still no Studio attached to Terminator 5 (although it looks like it may come down to a battle between Lionsgate and Universal) it’s starting to get some head way with todays announcement that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning to the franchise that made his name.

Now with Schwarzenegger attached, studio interest will more than likely shoot up, with Universal hoping to place Fast and Furious 5‘s Justin Lin in the directors chair. They’ll have to move fast if they want to get some more installments out of this franchise, as the rights go back to James Cameron in 2018 and he can do what he wants with it. Which would probably be to stop any further sequels.

The last installment of The Terminator franchise, Terminator Salvation received mixed reviews and grossed around $380 million on a reported $200 million budget. Studios will have to take these disappointing numbers into consideration to decide whether the sci-fi franchise has any future. Ironic really.