So far in terms of promotion material for the upcoming Green Lantern movie has been a poorly received trailer, which featured very cartoonish looking effects and what some believed not enough action. But now, during this year’s Wonder Con, some footage was premiered with the hope of having a better reception. It plays more like an extended trailer, take a look below: 

Overall impression? It looks a bit better than the trailer made it out to be. However, the effects do still look quite cartoony, which may be deliberate and has a kind of Sunday morning cartoon feeling to it at parts, which may or may not be a good thing. The tone looks slightly uneven as well, the alien aspect looks like it’s taking itself too seriously, whereas the character of Hal Jordan seems much lighter in tone, with Reynolds being his usual charismatic self. I still think this isn’t going to do much business, as it looks far too effects driven, and these effects don’t look amazing either. We will have to see when the movie comes out on June 17th.