After much speculation as to when this trailer would actually arrive, we finally have the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. And if you aren’t excited now, wait until you get a load of this:

Action and comic-book fans, like myself, must be ecstatic after that trailer. It doesn’t give too much away of the story, apart from the bare bones with weedy Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is chosen for a super-soldier programme, where he becomes the muscle-bound super-hero, Captain America. He now must lead U.S. troops in the fight against the Nazis during World War Two, but also faces the threat from Hydra soldiers, led by the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

It looks cinematically beautiful, very old-fashioned yet also exciting. Director Joe Johnston and his cinematographer Shelley Johnson have certainly made a very good-looking movie and the action looks totally old-school. It also looks like it’s managing to maintain a certain fresh approach to the comic-book genre by having a period setting. Thank God. I hope you agree that it looks bloody awesome. If you don’t, then please leave my blog and never return. Actually no, I need your views!

Captain America: The First Avenger is set to hit cinemas on July 22nd.