With four months to go until it’s highly anticipated release date, it seemed the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger was fully locked in to post-production, having supposedly wrapped filming around October time. We’ve had a good string of promotional material recently as well, with the poster on your right, the Super Bowl trailer and the image of Red Skull. All looked well.

Now, however, there comes the slightly discomforting news that the film is taking production back to the UK in two weeks time for some reshoots, as CraveOnline reports:

Recently, while attending a press event that included several props from Marvel Studios productions, including Captain America’s iconic shield, we asked if this was the same prop that had been shown at the Marvel booth at last year’s Comic Con. We were informed by a staffer that the this shield was not previously shown at SDCC, and it was different from the one seen at SDCC. The staffer also said that this particular shield was used in the film, and was actually going to be sent back to the UK in two weeks to be used in reshoots.

Considering that the movie is so close to release, I really do doubt that these are extensive reshoots, and ComingSoon seems to believe that this was part of the scheduled overall production. Although I think that’s a bit of a daft assumption, why would you pack up filming only to then come back to it so close to the film’s release? Anyway, I don’t it is going to hurt the movie too much, nor do I think it means the worst for the upcoming Joe Johnston directed comic-book adaptation. I’m sure it’ll be fine. He says.

Captain America: The First Avenger is still scheduled for a July 22nd release.