Michael Gough, the British Actor who most of you probably recognise as Batman’s trusty butler Alfred Pennyowrth in four Batman movies, has sadly passed away at the age of 94.

Gough was one of the only cast members to reappear through the late 80’s and 90’s franchise, connecting the two Tim Burton movies, Batman and Batman Returns, with Joel Schmaucher’s more campy Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Gough, though, had always been a confirmed talent on both the stage and the screen.

Born in Malaysia in 1916, Gough began his career on television, moving into films in 1947 with the likes of Blanche Fury. He went on to appear in many movies, showing great versatility in the likes of Julius Caeser, Out of Africa and Top Secret. He also appeared in many Burton films following his Batman role, including Sleepy Hollow and the more recent Alice In Wonderland. 

He stayed working steadily to the end of his days and will be missed greatly by his family, his work companions and his many fans. R.I.P. Alfred.