A new viral video, which will appear on the upcoming Tron Legacy Blu-Ray, has been released early online, entitled Tron: The Next Day. It gives back story to the ‘Flynn Lives’ campaign which is slightly touched on in Legacy and also reveals what Sam does at the end of the last movie. So there is a slight SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Legacy yet. But the 10-minute video is done in a documentary style and features the characters Ram and Tron from the franchise, and gives some nice details which fill in some gaps, and also keeps the rumours of a third installment alive.

Check out the video below:

As far as viral videos go, it’s a bloody good one. And with the rumours of an Easter Egg on the Blu-Ray featuring Quorra and Dillenger Jnr., the prospects of a third movie look even more promising. We may have more Tron on the horizon yet.