The first of the big acting awards is coming up now. And presenting the award is none other than Kirk Douglas. He must be like 100 now. Much respect for him, he’s managing very well. I can’t stop staring at his ear lobes though.

Now on to the award. Haliee Steinfield, the youngest nominee here, has been getting a lot of buzz for True Grit lately, as has Jacki Weaver for Animal Kingdom. Personally, I would like Amy Adams to get it for The Fighter, as she as shown much versatility lately. Melissa Leo won the Golden Globe, so we shall see… Douglas is stretching it out to the far heavens here.

And the winner is… MELISSA LEO for THE FIGHTER. Well, turns out the Globes may be a god indication for the rest of the evening. Really, really really wow, apparently. She couldn’t have been that surprised. But well done to her, it was a performance that called for her to change her appearance a lot. And thats the first of the nights F-Bomb.