Celine Dion sings along as we have the Remembrance montage for those talents in film who have sadly passed away in the year.

I’m finding the breaks are becoming more frequent. This is just a bit irritating when you want them to get to the bigger awards and let you grab a wee bit of sleep before school tomorrow. Ahem.

Hilary Swank is up to introduce last years best director winner Kathryn Bigelow to present one of the big awards of the night, Best Director. Can’t believe Chris Nolan was snubbed from this category, but I think Fincher should have this.

Noo! TOM HOOPER gets it for THE KINGS SPEECH. Did not see that coming. Wow. This changes things. The Kings Speech may sneak Best Picture now. Fair enough to Hooper. But Fincher has really been snubbed over the years, did not think this would happen.