Better start getting used to the Champagne adverts, as I’m sure there will be plently this evening. But I can put up with it as we start the 83rd Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre.

Quite enjoying James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s little montage. Very cleverly edited and quite funny. Im going to start using the term, you just got Inceptioned. Always need a Back to the Future reference as well. Now lets see how they actually do at hosting it… I think Franco is a bit more at ease, Hathaway is very exciteable.

Ok, I’m starting to see why this is quite a long ceremony, they have a lot of babble. . Tom Hanks presents the first award for ACHEIVEMENT IN ART DIRECTION. This will probably be Alice In Wonderland. Although Inception would be nice. But it goes to ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Fair enougb really , well designed enough.