David Schwimmer, who have course played Ross in the hugely popular Friends TV sitcom, has now moved primarily into directing movies, and today we have the trailer for his next movie Trust. It marks a much more adult tone for Schwimmer as a director, as his last film was the comedy Run, Fatboy, Run, whereas this is a hard hitting drama in a very modern context.

It follows a perfectly normal family whose whole life is turned upside down when the young daughter begins a relationship online, resulting in dark consequences. Check out the trailer below:

It looks like it could be very effective, it has almost a Catfish vibe, and there seem to be some strong performances from the likes of Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. And of course it’ll be nice to see how Schwimmer deals with harder material and something that resonates to many people across the world today in this age of internet paranoia. The new movie has an April 1st release set for the states, no news as of yet for a UK release date.