I greeted this news with a mixture of excitement and worry, as having been an admirer of the Roger Hargreaves children’s books when I was younger, I’m worried that Hollywood studios are going to bastardize my childhood.  But I live in hope, it could be good.

20th Century Fox Animation are the ones who have required the rights to the Mr. Men tales, which feature such characters as Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump etc. The studio has previously worked on the Ice Age franchise and Horton Hears a Who so it could be in good hands. Shawn Levy (who has recently been announced as director for the remake of Fantastic Voyage) will over see production.

Hopefully it will be respectful to the original books and the accompanying TV show, and I guess its good that the characters are being reintroduced to the youth of today. No news yet on when this is going to be released.