Last night saw American Football’s biggest event in the form of this year’s Super Bowl, and every year big summer movies have a 30 second spot in which to advertise themselves in. This year is no different, as we now have the first footage from both Captain America and Super 8. I’ll start with Cap, and it’s looking awesome;

It’s a packed spot, but definitely reveals the old-fashioned style of the movie, and Chris Evans looks awesome, as does Hugo Weaving who you can briefly catch in all his Red Skull glory at 24 seconds. It certainly heightens the excitement and I can’t wait for a full trailer, hopefully coming soon. The movie hits theatres in July.

Next up we have Super 8:

This J.J. Abrams directed movie certainly has been influenced greatly by Producer Steven Spielberg’s previous work, from the John Williams style music, to the small town setting and family dynamic on display. It looks very promising and very stylish and I can’t wait to see the results in June.

Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor also had trailers last night, but they don’t really feature anything new from what we’ve already seen, the big ones were the two above. You can find Pirates and Thor on YouTube, but Super 8 and Captain America are definitely the highlights. And congratulations to the Green Bay Packers!