Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been on the rumour list for a role in the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises ever since the two finished work on Inception. The initial rumours were that JGL would play The Riddler, the first villain that circulated in the rumour mill.

But now we know that the main villain is going to be Bane and will be played by Tom Hardy. Anne Hathaway has also been cast as Selina Kyle, but it is still unclear whether she’ll actually play Catwoman as well in the movie. So what role could JGL be up for?

Well the answer is, I don’t know. The only details coming out are that he is in final negotiations for a yet unspecified role. I’m sure Warner Bros. will officially announce it soon, but what could it be. Word on the old inter-web is that he could be appearing as The Joker, although Nolan has gone on record saying that he would never re-cast the character in respect for the late great Heath Ledger. Another rumour, which could be quite funny if it was true, is that Robin may be on the cards. It would be interesting to see how the character would fit in the Nolan universe, and JGL is bit old for the role. I shall keep you posted on the developments as they happen.

The Dark Knight Rises is set for a July 2012 release.