Along with reviewing, I try to dabble in a little bit of film writing (well, when Jack comes up with a good idea I’ll jump on it and help out). I recently helped my great friend Jack De La Mare write a short zombie flick, which is now complete and on YouTube for the world to see. You could call me biased because I co-wrote the film, but it is very impressive. Its impressive not because of the writing but because of the style and editing and acting on display accompanied by Austin Lawrence’s brilliant score. Jack has a lot of talent that I’m sure you’ll agree is highlighted by the tension he has managed to create within the proceedings of the film. Rosie Le Friec and Elliot Crossan give very genuine performances, and the zombies all inhabit that required… errr… zombie-ness. Jack is a great filmmaker, who I’m sure we’ll see plenty more from in the future, and all involved did a terrific job. It was great fun to work on and I’m looking forward to collaborating with everyone again hopefully in the near future.  Check it out for yourself below if already haven’t: