I’m going to group all of the TV awards into one post now, as these are the ones I don’t really care about, so you won’t be getting those as they happen. But oh well, this is a film blog! Not a TV one. Pshaw!

Best Actor TV Series. Some good talent here including Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm and Steve Buscemi. The winner was: STEVE BUSCEMI for his role in Broardwalk Empire.

TV Series Drama now, again some great shows up for the award. The winner was BROARDWALK EMPIRE. Doing very well for itself.

Best actor for Mini series or TV movie, goes to AL PACINO for YOU DON’T KNOW JACK.

We then swiftly move on to Best Actress for Mini Series or TV Movie- CLAIRE DANES wins for TEMLE GRANDIN

Now Best Supporting Actress for TV Series, Mini Series or TV movie- JANE LYNCH for GLEE. I really hope they stop playing Glee’s version of Don’t Stop Believing, it hurts me every time I hear it.

Best Actress in TV Musical or Comedy series, which is won by LAURA LINNEY for THE BIG C. But she’s not there to pick it up. We think if you’re not there, then you shouldn’t win. Im sure she’s greatful though.

Best Actor in TV Musical or Comedy series is won by JIM PARSONS for THE BIG BANG THEORY, who plays Sheldon. Super Duper.

Best TV Series Musical or Comedy sadly is awarded to GLEE.

That disappointment marks the end for the TV awards.