Michael Douglas takes to the stage to present the award for Best Motion Picture and gets a touching standing ovation from the crowd, it’s great to see him up there.

Right we’re at the big one now with some excellent movies, BLACK SWAN, THE FIGHTER, INCEPTION, THE KINGS SPEECH and THE SOCIAL NETWORK

After the other awards this evening, I think it is predictable that THE SOCIAL NETWORK is going to win this one. And win it does. A deserved win, although it was sad to see that INCEPTION did not win anything, but I’m glad THE SOCIAL NETWORK has won, my favourite film of the year.

Ricky Gervais closes the proceedings, with just enough time to whack in an offensive religious joke. He seemed to fizzle out in the middle of the ceremony but he did come out with some good jokes.

I enjoyed this ceremony. I’m dead tired but it was worth it. Hope you enjoyed my posts those that read them. Night!