Gervais has been quiet for a while. He’s probably made a few enemies this evening, so if he has been taken out, there will be a many a suspect with believable motives. And on to the stage comes the awesome Joseph Gordon Levitt. Definitely not Gervais. Weird. JGL presents the INCEPTION preview, another strong contender for Best Picture.

JEFF BRIDGES!!!!! Excuse me, The Dude JEFF BRIDGES!! Comes on to present the award for Best Actress. Come on Natalie Portman! NOOOOOO Lost connection!!!!!!!! SHIIIITTTT!

Oh no, we’re back.

NATALIE PORTMAN!!!!!!! She has won for BLACK SWAN. Absolutely, 100%, deserves that win! Loss of connection made my heart stop a bit. A very sweet acceptance speech, confirming that she is indeed pregnant. Congrats Portman!