Today those kind people at Sony Pictures have unveiled the first shot of Andrew Garfield in costume for the upcoming Spiderman reboot currently shooting in L.A. Check it out below:

First impressions? Director Marc Webb and his team seem to be certainly putting their own stamp on the costume and tone of the movie with the costume almost like a second reptilian skin. The tone of the photo does appear to be very dark, perhaps suggesting we’re going to see a more macabre rendition of Spider-Man this time around. I’m not too sure what they’re trying to do with the logo on the chest at the moment, it isn’t too clear and not very defined. Spidey does look like he’s been in a bit of a scuffle though.

The movie is set for a Summer 2012 release and also stars Emma Stone as love interest Gwen Stacy, along with Rhys Ifans as the yet confirmed villain (although it’s more than likely the Lizard), with Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Plot details are yet to be fully confirmed but we do know the new origins story takes place at High School. I shall keep you updated.