I’m sure many of you want a Jurassic Park 4 as much as me, and have been sad to see there’s been no movement on it for a while. But that’s changed today. A recent photo of the slate for the Universal backlot has caused a certain amount of buzz as on it, it features the title of Jurassic Park 4. Is it real? Is it a joke? Is it a fake title? Why haven’t we known about this before now? Should I stop typing in rhetorical questions?

The site ComingSoon.net has reported saying it’s not real and it’s not an official photo from the Universal backlot. But that statement was issued to them by Universal, who could perhaps be trying to keep this a secret project. And there is a lot of evidence here which strongly suggests that this could very much be true, as reported by Theme Park Adventure.com. They state the photo is legitimate. One of the stages that is  being used, the Fall Lakes, has been used for previous Jurassic Park movies, and that the stages are being used for a super secret huge blockbuster. I believe Jurassic Park 4 certainly fits this bill.

It would seem strange for a film of this calibre to be made as a secret project, as it’s not really like this is Cloverfield which was secret because it wanted to build a fan base and buzz, something that Jurassic Park has and doesn’t need to really re-establish. But I’m certainly excited about it and will definitely be watching for further developments. Watch this space.