The first trailer for Jon Favreau’s (Iron Man) has hit the net featuring a good old mix of old style western, and as the title implies, a good dose of sci-fi added in for good measure.

The movie stars Daniel Craig as a mysterious cowboy who wakes up with a strange device attached to his wrist. With no recollection of himself or where he is, he takes a stroll into the nearest town, where he discovers he is a wanted man and the town is ruled with an iron fist by a Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford). But differences are going to have to be set aside when the town comes under attack by intergalactic beings.

Check out the trailer below:

It looks pretty badass to me, with Craig and Ford owning the screen and the genre blending seems to work very well from what is featured in the trailer, with a kind of War of the Worlds circa A Fistful of Dollars vibe going on. I’m certainly still excited for this movie, which is still a long way off, with an August 12th 2011 release date locked in.