Speaking exclusively with Empire Magazine, Sam Riley revealed some details on his portrayal of Pinkie Brown in the upcoming remake of the Richard Attenborough’s Brighton Rock, adapted from Graham Greene’s novel of the same name.

“There’s more of Greene’s violence, more religious confusion, and the sexual anxiety is more prominent in our Pinkie,” says Riley, hinting that this new movie, moving to action to 1964 (the last year of the death penalty in Britain) Brighton, will be much more grittier and perhaps more layered then Attenborough’s 1947 iconic movie. 

“You’ve always got to root for your characters even if they feel like bastards, you have to find something in it. Pinkie’s not had a lot of love in his life.” Riley certainly is aware that we have to have some degree of care and sympathy for the character of Pinkie, despite all the acts of violence he commits. And in terms of the relationship with Rose, the women he’s only involved with because she’s a potential witness to a crime, as Riley points out, “It’s a pretty twisted kind of love.”

The new movie is directed by Rowan Joffe and is set to hit UK theatres on February 4th next year.