Now that MGM is starting to sort itself out, it comes as no surprise that we would begin to hear news about the future of the franchises under its production belt. Thankfully, the first piece of news revealed is focused on the fate of James Bond, the franchise whose future I most certainly care about the most.

Bloomberg reports that MGM plans to release the 23rd installment of the Bond franchise in the November of 2012, two years away, meaning four years would’ve passed from the previous installment, Quantum of Solace. The plan would then be to maintain for sequels to appear every other year.

At this stage, it is more than likely that Daniel Craig will reprise the role of a third time as he has still expressed interest. The only unclear fact is who will direct, as Sam Mendes has not made a comment on his involvement with the franchise for quite sometime. And will the new movie base itself on the treatment draft that Peter Morgan was working on before the unfortunate delays? One thing’s for certain, Bond lives to die another day.