The first trailer for Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis’ latest black comedy has appeared online.

The new film, which is director John Landis’ (An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Brothers) first film as director for 12 years, follows the true story of two friends in 19th Century Edinburgh, William Burke (Pegg) and William Hare (Serkis) who find a way of making money by selling dead bodies to an anatomy lecturer (Tom Wilkinson). But when they begin to run out of fresh bodies, the pair turn to murder to keep supplying bodies whilst also keeping a healthy income. 

Check out the trailer below:

I’m liking the look of this, as Landis has always been one to deliver excellent black comedy as An American Werewolf in London certainly proved. Pegg and Serkis also look to be on good form, with strong support from Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) and Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead). The film hits UK cinemas on October 29th… started the advertising campaign quite late then.