Some images from the England set of Captain America have appeared online showing one of Chris Evans stunt doubles (this is ironic if you’ve just seen Scott Pilgrim) in costume on a motorbike. There are also some additional images of  a 40’s style car and the Red SKull’s henchmen, on some weirdly futuristic bikes for a film set in the 1940’s.

Check out the images below:


 The images, courtesy of The Daily Mail, comes from the scenes shot in London, but the film is also filming in Manchester and Liverpool over the course of its production. It is being filmed in 2-D but will be converted to 3-D in post. Now a lot of people think conversion is not the way 3-D should be used, but Joe Johnston supports his decision after trying to film some scenes with the 3-D equipment but found it ‘a nightmare’ due to huge equipment and restricted filmmaking options. He believes the conversion will be handled correctly and won’t be a rushed job, ‘It’s a new challenge and it’s exciting,’ commented the director.