The remake for the 1947 British Crime Thriller Brighton Rock has revealed its poster and some images from the new take of Graham Greene’s novel of the same name.

The original movie starred a young Richard Attenborough in the role of troubled teenager Pinkie Brown who is the leader of a small underworld gang, who becomes involved with a naive young girl who is a witness to a murder Pinkie and his gang committed. The remake moves the action from Pre-World War Two Britain into the swinging 60’s, with Mods and Rockers being the two rival gangs. Sam Riley, who was excellent in the movie Control takes on the role of Pinkie, supported by rising star Andrea Riseborough, Helen Mirren and John Hurt.

The poster on the right pays great homage to the original movie, which although very dated now is an effective and interesting crime thriller, which we studied last year for our film studies exam. I am very much looking forward to this remake, the moving of the time setting should allow for not only a slightly more contemporary take on the novel, but for an awesome 60’s soundtrack and some stylish cinematography. Plus, check out those brilliant scooters in the pics below. Riley is a piece of excellent casting and I think its more than capable of filling Attenborough’s shoes. The movie will make its premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival, which runs from September 9th to the 16th. It is directed by Rowan Joffe in his directional debut, although has some great screenplay credentials with 28 Days Later and the upcoming George Clooney movie The American. Still no word on when this movie will be released in general UK theatres, but I’m sure we’ll hear some news of this after the Toronto Film Festival, and hopefully a trailer as well.

Here are the recently released images: