Sylvester Stallone’s new movie The Expendables topped the US box office this weekend earning $35 million, which is the highest opening for any film directed by Stallone.

The film cost $80 million to make so it should easily make it back domestically and it still needs to be released internationally. Stallone always said that if it was successful he would start developing a sequel, which more than likely be greenlit soon. Hopefully, the next time we’ll have even more technical expertise and raise the bar further,” Stallone said. “I love sequels. Rarely can you push all the buttons in the first movie.” 

The other new releases this week were Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love, which came in at second place with £23 million on a $60 million budget. The other new release of the week was Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World, which disappointingly came in fifth place. It only grossed $10.5 million on the $60 million budget. Universal commented saying “We knew the challenges of broadening this film to a mainstream audience, but we’re disappointed more people didn’t see it.” Hopefully Scott Pilgrim will perform better over-seas, as I personally can’t wait to see it, but it looks like Universal may have another disappointing Comic-Book adaptation this year after the excellent Kick-Ass underperformed despite pre-release hype.