While the Terminator franchise is still showing no signs of a fifth installment following last year’s Terminator Salvation news has just come out that a Computer Animated 3-D movie is being developed, aimed at a PG-13 audience… because ‘apparently’ that’s what the franchise needs.

The company Hannover House (who actually originally helped distribute James Cameron’s original movie) have convinced Pacificor, the rights holder of the Terminator franchise, to allow them to develop a $70 million 3-D animated movie revolving around Sarah Conner, Kyle Reese and Arnie’s Terminator. And the title? Terminator 3000 (for reasons at this point, unknown).

The idea to minimalism the violence to reach out to a younger audience is not really a welcome idea in my opinion, especially with a franchise like this, which has R-rated roots. It will interesting to see what direction this takes, but the franchise deserves a full-out sci-fi war movie depicting the war between man and machine that was only glimpsed at in the original trilogy and not touched on enough in Terminator Salvation. Well, there is no fate but what we make, so lets see how this pans out.