Director David O. Russel, the man behind such films as Three Kings and Flirting with Danger, was favourite to direct the video-game movie adaptation of the hugely successful series, Uncharted.

The series movie adaptation is being developed at Sony Pictures Studio. The game is very much in the vein of fellow action adventure franchises, especially Indiana Jones so it really wouldn’t be much of a task to take the game to the big screen. Russel was attached to the project back in May. But the studio and producers haven’t been to come to agreeable terms, which has resulted in them going back to the drawing board.

There are now talks of Sony trying to get some stars attached to the project before moving forward, as a star attached could help push the movie further into development. So hopefully we’ll hear more news on this in the near future and get the ball rolling on what has the potential to be both a successful video game adaptation and a highly entertaining action flick.