With a recent interview with Empire Magazine at Comic-Con, actor Brandon Routh revealed that he would love to be given the opportunity to reprise his role of Superman in the upcoming reboot, being Godfathered by Christopher Nolan along with a script by his brother Jonathan Nolan.

Routh, of course, played Superman in Bryan Singer’s  2006 sequel Superman Returns. Whilst that film was relatively successful, it didn’t meet expectations and Warner Brothers now want to go the same route as they did with Batman and hopefully create the same success that Christopher Nolan has achieved with those movies.

I for one would like to see Routh back as Superman, he did very well in the role and he also paid great tribute to what Christopher Reeve did with the role so memorably in Richard Donner’s 1978 original movie. It does depend on what direction the Nolan brothers will take with the franchise, but I don’t think Superman is a character that needs to go dark, he needs to stand for truth, justice and the American way! He doesn’t need to battle with inner demons like Bruce Wayne.

The movie is in very early days, as the release is set for December 2012. Routh, on the other hand, can be seen in Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World as one of the seven evil ex’s that Michael Cera’s Scott must defeat to win the heart of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Ramona Flowers, which is out August 25th.