A trailer for the new film from Zach Synder, director of the Dawn of the Dead remake, 300 and Watchmen, has appeared online following its unveiling at Comic Con. From the trailer, it is pure trademark Synder, with amazing visual flair that we have seen from him, especially from his comic book adaptations. Sucker Punch is the first time Synder is working from his own original idea, and while the trailer doesn’t give much coherence of a plot and does raise questions about how coherent the final movie is going to be, I can’t wait to see what Synder delivers.

The plot is a fantastical action adventure, prominently taking place in the mind of Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who has been sent to a mental asylum by her evil stepfather and she is threatened with lobotomy. To escape the horrors of the real world, Baby Doll delves into her own imaginary world filled with Samurai, dragons and World War Two characters. There, with the help of a group of sexy yet dangerous women, she discovers the path to safety in the real world could well be found in her vivid world.

Check out the trailer for below:

Sucker Punch is out on March 25th 2011.