Now I knew I was going to hate this Coalition Government, but now they’ve made it personal! They’re messing with our movies! The news has come out today saying the Government as part of their cost cutting plans, are putting a stop to their funding for the UKFC and want it totally abolished by April of next year. 

This is very bad news for new film makers in Britain, as the UKFC had many departments which not only helped fund already established British filmmakers (they helped fund Ken Loach’s The Wind That Shakes the Barley) but also helped new talent firmly establish themselves in the film industry (such as Noel Clarke with his Kidulthood and Adulthood films). 

The UKFC also provided crucial financial support for the British Film Institute, and who knows what will become of the BFI now that the UKFC has gone. 

The CEO of the UKFC, John Woodward, called the decision “short-sighted and potentially very damaging”, pointing out that there had been “no notice or period of consultation” and that “there is at present no roadmap setting out where the UK Film Council’s responsibilities and funding will be placed in the future”. Its chairman, Tim Bevan, called it “a big mistake, driven by short-term thinking and political expediancy”.

“British film,” he said, “deserves better”. Damn right it does! I think this just emphasises the point that Tories are evil (my politically opinions may be slightly on show here). The UKFC have been responsible for some of the best British movies of the past decade; This Is England, Gosford Park, Harry Brown, Fish Tank, Touching The Void and The Constant Gardener, to name a few!

Check out this feature on the Total Film website for a selection of the best films from the UK Film Council: 

RIP UK Film Council.